• 如何评估建议?
  • 我如何找到适合自己的话题?
  • 各机构如何审核建议书?
  • 在写提案之前,我可以问一些问题吗?


国家科学基金会发明并设计了这个伟德app下载, but the motivation of the program is said to have come from an Air Force General named James Abrahamson, 谁说过这样的话, “为什么我能在Radio Shack买到最先进的电子产品, but my war fighters cannot get the latest technology in their war fighting systems?“他委托进行了一项研究,了解到:

  • 从20世纪80年代初开始, nearly every net new job over the previous 20 years came from small businesses. Since that time we have seen a reduction of defense contractors from hundreds down to five majors, but the point still stands – small businesses create the bulk of new jobs.
  • We should encourage disadvantaged economic entities such as small businesses, 妇女拥有的企业, 和万家企业. 这些企业正在创新, but the results of that innovation are not getting into our weapons systems.
  • Billions of dollars are spent every year in basic research for Department of Defense systems; however, 这项研究尚未应用于商业市场.
  • 十大最具影响力的专利, that is, 那些产生了最重大经济影响的国家, 这10人中有8人来自小企业.


在你开始写提案之前, 了解如何评估你的提案是很重要的. The major evaluation criteria used in evaluating proposals for award include:

  • 技术或智力上的优点
  • 团队的资格
  • 对机构的价值-对机构使命或宪章的意义
  • 商业成功的潜力-更广泛的影响
  • Cost & Cost Realism


政府基金创新, 创造性的新技术和解决问题的方法,并在特定的科学或技术中推进最先进的水平. 许多机构对“高风险/高回报”的提案感兴趣. 因此,创造性的解决方案很重要. However, the proposer must also be sure that the innovation addresses a particular government need, charter, 任务和要求. 考虑以下问题:

  • 你的想法是否推动了科学或技术的发展?
  • Does your innovation provide a brand new way of doing things that has never been tried before?
  • 它是否具有创新性和创造性?
  • 它有商业成功的潜力吗?
  • 你的科学或技术处于领先地位吗, and can you describe your innovation in context of other approaches and their maturity?
  • 您提出的研究或工作计划是否使用科学或技术团体接受的方法证明其可行性?

你的提案必须“符合或超过”这些技术/知识价值标准. The goal is to write a proposal that will receive the highest possible scoring. This is accomplished within the Research Plan or Work Plan portion of the proposal. 你的提案的重要性部分还应该指出你的创新的重要性,并表明你对科学或技术的社会影响的理解.


Your proposed research/engineering team must be clearly qualified to perform the work. 在推荐信的人事部分,你必须提供足够的工作经验和教育背景的个人信息,以说服审稿人推荐的人员能够完成这项工作. 一些机构(e.g.美国国家科学基金会(NSF)和美国国家卫生研究院(NIH))允许广泛的传记. 其他人则将信息限制在几页之内. Note that research experience is not limited to what has been done by your company. Be sure and include related work experience performed by key personnel when working for other companies.

While agencies do not require that the Principal Investigator (PI) hold a Ph.D. degree, personnel must be qualified to perform the proposed scientifc or technical work. 实际, 美国国家卫生研究院(NIH)等机构的基础科学和工程研究提案几乎总是需要拥有博士学位的人员.D. or M.D. 在像国防部这样的机构中,应用科学和工程的提案通常是在PI没有博士学位的情况下获得资助的.D.



A winning proposal will have significant value to the awarding agency. 也就是说,它将解决该机构正在试图解决的一个问题. This means you must understand the particular mission, goals and charter of the agency. Be sure to research the targeted agency to understand its needs and focus. 同时,要认识到研究兴趣会随着时间而改变. An agency interested in battery technology may change its focus to something else – e.g., biomass. You must determine what the agency’s current research and application interests are. For example, 在战争时期,预算有限, 与和平时期相比,国防部机构有不同的需求和优先事项. Ask yourself: Why will my proposed research be important to the agency?



实际, 大多数政府机构更感兴趣的是解决他们自己的问题,而不是你的商业成功. However, 国会将SBIR伟德app下载视为满足政府研究需求和开发创新产品和技术的工具,以促进美国经济增长.S. economy. 因此,提案中关于商业成功潜力的部分是很重要的,并且在评估提案时经常被用作平局的决胜局. 机构收到许多关于一个给定主题的建议. 考虑这样一个情况,一个机构收到了一个主题的10个建议, and three of them have been evaluated as having superior technical merit. 如果机构只有一个提案的资金, 它很可能将商业化计划评估因素作为决定资助哪项提案的决定性因素. Therefore, it is imperative that you provide a compelling commercialization story.

While all agencies must consider the commercialization potential of the proposed innovation, not all agencies provide a place in the proposal outline to address commercialization potential. In this case, 你必须把你关于潜在商业化及其重要性的故事编织到提案的其他领域中——也许可以把它放在拟议研究部分的意义中.



许多提案被拒绝,因为提案评价者不相信提案的工作范围可以在第一阶段或第二阶段的时间和预算限制内完成. Proposal evaluators know the effort required to perform research tasks. 你必须描述和捍卫一个工作计划,这个计划可以在资金的成本和进度限制下现实地完成.

你必须说服审稿人你的建议的成本现实主义. If you have developed some know-how, technology, process, expertise, etc. that makes your proposed work plan much more productive than the norm, be sure and describe this. 提供一个可信的基本原理,描述当其他人不能在规定的时间内完成规定的工作并支付规定的费用时,你如何完成规定的工作.



每个参与SBIR伟德app下载的机构都发布了一份招标书(有时称为提案请求(RFP)),描述他们的研究兴趣(i.e., proposal topics) and instructions for responding to the solicitation. 第一步是确定一个你感兴趣的话题,你的公司有资格回应这个话题. 然后你必须仔细审查征集书, 找一个你和你的公司感兴趣的话题, 严格遵守所有指示. 您的提案必须响应公开征集的特定主题,并满足该主题的所有要求,否则将不被评选为奖项.

Did You Know?

这些机构总是在寻找新的想法. 如果你有一个对机构有价值的主题,你可以——也应该——向机构提出一个主题想法.

有些机构每年公布一份征求意见稿. However, others, including the Department of Defense and the Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health, 提供多个请求. 下图显示了一些发布日期和时间表. 这些每年都在变化, so you must determine the solicitation schedules for agencies of interest to your company. The Zyn Systems SBIR网关 and the SBIR.gov web site provide a complete schedule of both open and closed solicitations. The table below illustrates a typical year’s solicitations and schedules for various agencies.

Program 发布日期 接受建议 关闭日期
NSF SBIR March May June
DoD SBIR April May June
DHS April May June
EPA March March May
DOT April April June
DoD STTR January February March
NSF STTR July October November
Fast Track
Decembeer December January
NIST SBIR November November January
DoD SBIR November November January
S&T Directorate
June July August
NOAA SBIR November November February
美国卫生和公众服务部/美国国家卫生院SBIR / STTR(拨款)
PHS Omnibus
January March 5 April


5 August

5 December

美国卫生和公众服务部/美国国家卫生院SBIR / STTR(拨款)
2January March 7 May


7 September

7 January

NSF SBIR August November December


每个机构都有自己的提案评估和审查程序. 这个过程可以是内部的,也可以是外部的. 对于内部审查,由政府人员进行审查. 外部评审利用非政府专家小组(通常是大学研究人员)对提案进行同行评审. These panels then recommend which proposals should be funded by the government. A list of the agencies and their respective review processes is provided below.



每个机构中谁是你的审稿人受众?  国防部、NASA、DOT、EPA、DHS、DOC和DoED都使用内部评审员. 美国能源部、国家科学基金会、美国农业部和国家卫生研究院使用外部审查人员. External reviewers do not necessarily make the final funding decisions, 但是他们提供独立的, peer-reviewed science and technology rankings or scores for the agencies. Source: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/sbir.htm.

在与机构进行内部审查时, it is a good idea to get to know the topic authors/reviewer before you submit your proposal. 把他们介绍给你和你的想法.


每个政府机构(NASA, DoD, NIH等.)有一个稍微不同的方法来管理SBIR进程. NIH uses an omnibus solicitation and receives proposals three times each year. NIH随时都愿意与研究人员进行讨论. 主题相当广泛,建议者被鼓励与NIH人员沟通,以了解他们的需求和当前的研究和公共卫生优先事项.

其他机构发出具有特定研究课题的邀请. These agencies typically issue a solicitation from one to three times per year. 每个机构的征集都有具体的主题和截止日期. Further, 每个机构都有具体的提案要求,大纲和提案格式要求略有不同. You must obtain and study each agency’s solicitation to understand its unique requirements. Each agency has a defined period of time in which they will allow discussion with potential proposers. 在这段时间, 该机构的研究人员或订约人员技术代表(COTR)或技术联络点(TPOC)将接受您的提问和讨论.

每个机构决定机构工作人员和潜在申请者之间允许多少和什么类型的互动. 一些机构允许一个时间窗口与潜在的提议者公开讨论在一个特定的时间释放一个邀请. During this period, potential proposers are free to contact agency personnel and ask questions. 这些讨论的性质通常是私密的. 机构也可以允许与机构人员讨论,讨论成为公共记录. 如果讨论要公开,你要小心,不要披露战略信息. 它是必不可少的成功,你了解每个机构的独特规则讨论与机构人员.

The list below describes the agencies and their respective discussion process. Be sure to check each agency’s solicitation because these rules do change over time.



在公开征求期间讨论可能吗? 国防部、NASA、DOT、EPA、DOE、DHS和DOC都限制使用. Discussion during solicitation are open for NSF, USDA, DoED and the NIH. 警告:大约10%的NIH SBIRs分配给了限制与科学家讨论的合同. NIH会在你联系他们的时候通知你.


Nearly all the agencies now require electronic submission of proposals. 以电子方式提交的提案被上传到一个机构网站,在那里处理和分发提案的电子版本. 机构使用不同的方法接收电子提案. Some use the grants.gov facilities. 还有一些公司有自己的网站来接收提案. 一定要阅读和理解提交提案的过程. 这可能是一个耗时、复杂且令人沮丧的过程. 你应该计划预先注册以使用提交网站. 在某些情况下, 这个过程可能需要几周的时间, so be sure and do all preparatory work well before the proposal submission date.

We suggest that you allow enough time to learn the process – weeks not days. 计划多次提交迭代,以完全上载提交所需的所有必要信息. 美国国立卫生研究院大约20%的提案是由专门帮助小企业完成提交过程的独立顾问提交的.


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