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亚利桑那电影办公室 & Digital Media is here to assist you with film permits for usage of city property, 国有土地, 部落, 以及亚利桑那州的联邦土地. 你的伟德app下载可能需要各种许可证, 还有费用和保险证明, 取决于每个具体的位置. We've provided 一些 helpful links below to 一些 primary permitting agencies to get you started. 并不是每个许可证都需要收费. 

目前,有 no application fees for permits requesting to film on State park lands, 高速公路, 或道路.
Find your location first and the jurisdiction, then see if a permit is needed to film there. 如果您需要进一步的帮助, 注册您的伟德app下载 and tell us about the locations you'd like to use and we'll be glad to help direct you to the proper permitting authority.


允许时间框架: (需更改) 

许可证 NOT submitted in advance of a jurisdiction's time frame MAY NOT BE GRANTED.

凤凰城: 24小时 
图森市的城市: 24小时 
阿兹部门. 的交通工具: 10个工作日
阿兹州立公园 & 小径: 10个工作日 (小范围); 30个工作日 (大型) 
阿兹联邦土地: (范围如下,请查看具体的管辖范围)
     土地管理局: 30 - 60个工作日 
     National Park Service (NPS), Monuments, 娱乐 区域: 10 - 45个工作日     
     国家林业局(NFS): 60个工作日 
阿兹部落土地上: 30 - 60工作日 (更新:11月. 2021 - Some Tribal Authorities have 暂停允许, such as 纳瓦霍人 Nation's "部落公园" which remain closed to filming. 哈瓦苏派瀑布在2022年2月关闭.) 





For filming on or 在 City and County areas, contact the nearest local film office. 额外的帮助, you can also reach out to our government and industry liaisons known as our 电影 Resource Coordinators - 电影事务处/电影资源协调员.



For more information on filming on state roads, parks and 高速公路 see the 许可证下面的链接. 目前,有 no application fees for permits to film in state parks and along state roads and 高速公路. 如果您需要进一步的帮助,请 伟德苹果app


允许资源找到一条国道, 交互式州地图与里程找到亚利桑那州的机场, 其他地区, 交通报告, 视图的道路 in various areas (Use filters to search for specific areas). 


雇佣不当班的公路巡警 安全 和交通控制:
联系人: 白兰地Reissner 
电话:(602)223 - 2855  
手机:(602)769 - 4788 

亚利桑那州的公园 & 小径


允许资源: 找一个州立公园, 越野国家公园位置 


允许应用程序, 公共信息请求





Federal permits MAY be required for commercial filming and photography on lands managed by the U.S. government administered by various federal agencies. These lands include national infrastructure, parklands, wildernesses, and forest lands in Arizona. This also includes commercial film/photography activities 在水路 这些领域.

联邦许可 governed by the administrator of the land/water, monument, or site. 相关机构包括国家公园管理局(NPS), 土地管理局或, 国家林业局(NFS), 填海局 , 和美国.S. 鱼 & 野生动物服务. In 一些 instances, lands are jointly managed with 部落 nations and may require joint permitting.

找到一个亚利桑那州 National Parks, National Monuments, and National 娱乐 区域

National Parks, National Monuments, National 娱乐al 区域

请注意允许规则, 成本, and processing vary with each federal agency/jurisdiction so it's imperative that you research the rules and submit permits well in advance of your project dates, since it could take up to 45 business days to process permits in 一些 jurisdictions.  

National Park Service (NPS) 允许链接 - Commercial 电影 & 摄影


New federal permitting guidance has been issued in 2021 regarding commercial film permits. 摄影许可指南保持不变. Please review all commercial permitting rules carefully, 不仅影响NPS, 但其他联邦机构也是如此. While film permits may no longer be required in 一些 federal jurisdictions, we highly recommend that you contact each permitting location, and continue to practice professional production standards, 包括但不限于, 维持适当的责任保险, and following all laws regarding land use and commercial activities.
如果已知, we've included the approximate general permit processing times for photography along with permitting links. Again, processing can take anywhere from 10 to 45 business days prior to your shoot dates to process. Liability insurance may be required up to $1M listing the US Government as additionally insured. 无人机的使用也有限制. 


There are 24 National Park Service (NPS) locations in Arizona, including (3)国家公园:
大峡谷 (10个工作日)


切利峡谷国家纪念碑 - 许可证 (需要NPS和纳瓦霍国家许可证)


卡萨·格兰德遗址国家纪念碑 - 许可证 

Chiricahua国家纪念碑 - 许可证

Coronado国家纪念碑 -许可证

鲍威堡国家历史遗址 - 许可证

格伦峡谷国家娱乐区 (鲍威尔湖,马蹄弯)- 许可证 (45工作日) 
米德湖休闲区 米德湖、莫哈维湖(凯瑟琳着陆)) - 许可证 (10个工作日)





火限制: 使用爆炸目标, 烟花, 示踪剂弹药, 论文/天空灯笼, 以及其他纵火装置 是被禁止的 全年 在亚利桑那州所有由blm管理的公共土地上.

有几个 国家纪念碑 administered by the 土地管理局 (BLM) - (阿瓜Fria, Parashant-Grand峡谷, 拉斯维加斯Cienegas, 铁木森林, 索诺兰沙漠, 朱红色的悬崖), 圣佩德罗河岸NCA


亚利桑那州有六个国家森林, administered by the USDA's 国家林业局(NFS). 地图 
许可证-国家林业局  (无人机的规定



U.S. 鱼 & 野生动物服务

美国.S. 鱼 & 野生动物服务 conducts conservation efforts and manages National 鱼 Hatcheries, 以及国家野生动物保护区. There are eight National Wildlife Refuges in Arizona.  


特别使用许可 are needed for commercial film and digital media activites. 

帝国国家野生动物保护区 (阿兹/ CA)

Cabeza Prieta国家野生动物保护区 
锡波拉国家野生动物保护区 (阿兹/ CA)
哈瓦苏国家野生动物保护区 (阿兹/ CA)


Alchesay-Williams Creek National 鱼 Hatchery Complex

(2 locations on White Mountain Apache Tribal lands in the White Mountains, AZ)


电影ing and commercial photography on 部落 lands require the approval of respective 部落 governments.

平均允许长度:AZ 从提交之日起30-60个工作日. Some jurisdictions may process permits shorter or longer than the expected times above depending on staffing, 允许的范围, 以及对审批过程的影响, 

注意: 截至2021年11月1日, 一些 部落当局 暂停允许, such as 在 纳瓦霍人 Nation 部落 parks which remain closed until further notice. Additionally, the Havasupai Tribe has closed Havasupai Falls thru 2/2022.

For permit information for 部落 nations other than 纳瓦霍人 Nation, please 伟德苹果app.


电影 & 商业摄影许可: 

(外 部落公园区域)提交你的 允许应用程序 to 纳瓦霍语国家电视 & 电影办公室.

( 部落公园区域) 截止到11月. 1, 2021 部落公园 are currently NOT accepting film permit requests due to COVID-19 restrictions. 一旦他们的简历,你就要提交你的 允许应用程序 to 纳瓦霍语国家公园 & 矩形reation. 许可证 are approved by location 在 each of the (5) 部落 park jurisdictions which manage: 纪念碑谷部落公园 (纪念碑谷); 小科罗拉多河部落公园 (小科罗拉多河峡谷鲍威尔湖部落公园 (上/下羚羊峡谷, 上/下东水洞峡谷, 虹桥路), 四个角落, Canyon de Chelly Campground (Canyon de Chelly also requires US National Park Service permit), 碗峡谷, 纳瓦霍退伍军人纪念公园. (见上文部落公园许可证.)

***Productions must follow all film protocols and 的指导方针 for filming on 纳瓦霍人 Nation: 包括但不限于所有 纳瓦霍语国家法律 参观部落公园时. There is NO CREMATION, NO LITTERING, NO CLIMBING, and NO DRONES allowed inside the 纳瓦霍人 部落公园.

          MAP of locations 在 纪念碑谷部落公园 that require a permit

          位置 在 鲍威尔湖部落公园 that require a permit 

TOHONO O ' odham的国家:

All film and digital media requests for Tohono O'odham are submitted via email to Matt Smith, SIMG负责人, 图森公司 (). 请同时抄送,马特·普罗布斯特,高级助理 主要联系电话: .



亚利桑那州的美国土著部落 (部落信息/亚利桑那旅游局)

额外的旅行建议 & 的指导方针 (亚利桑那州旅游局)