ACA的执行管理团队由经验丰富的高管组成,汇集了最好的经济发展, management and communications. 每个人都有着无与伦比的背景, talent and skill set that, when combined, perfectly positions the ACA to usher in this new era of economic development — the passionate pursuit of business, the creation of jobs and the stimulation of the economy to benefit all of Arizona.  The Arizona Commerce Authority’s executive team carries forth the ACA’s mission locally, nationally and globally.

Sandra Watson

Sandra Watson
President & CEO

Sandra Watson brings more than 28 years of economic development leadership experience to Arizona. 她和她的团队已经成功地吸引了1名以上的亚利桑那人,000 companies that have committed to invest nearly $45 billion in capital and create more than 160,000 jobs.

在亚利桑那州商务部任职期间, and now the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), Ms. Watson served in multiple positions with increasing responsibilities and results. 她领导了商业吸引、商业发展和创新 & 技术,劳动力和市场部门. 她曾担任总督创新委员会的执行董事 & 技术推动国家创新和技术路线图.

Ms. Watson began her career in Canada and brings not only a wealth of knowledge on the regional, 在州和国家一级,但可以在国际范围内有效执行.

Ms. Watson is a collaborative leader who excels in strategic thinking and relationship building. She worked tirelessly to implement the new vision for the Arizona Commerce Authority, 在从商务部过渡到全国第一个以经济发展为重点的公私合作伙伴关系之一的过程中提供了宝贵的领导和稳定. 她在指导ACA激进的五年商业计划的实施中发挥了重要作用,该计划旨在促进该州的亲商政策, competitive value proposition. Under her leadership, the ACA has transformed into Arizona’s leading economic development organization, and advances its three-pronged approach to strengthen the overall economy: recruit, grow, create – recruit out-of-state companies to expand their operations in Arizona; work with existing companies to grow their business in Arizona and beyond; and partner with entrepreneurs and companies large and small to create 目标行业的新工作和新业务.

她获得了劳伦蒂安大学(Laurentian University)的荣誉商业学士学位, and has completed the Global Leadership Certification program at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. In addition to serving on numerous regional and statewide Boards of Directors, Ms. Watson serves on the Board of Trustees for the State Science and Technology Institute, a national organization focused on promoting technology-based economic development, 她是亚利桑那州许愿基金会的董事会成员.

In 2014, the Phoenix Business Journal recognized Ms. 沃森是25位“最受尊敬的商业领袖”之一,阿兹商业选择她为2014-15阿兹商业领袖出版物,聚焦亚利桑那州最受尊敬和最有影响力的商业领袖. In 2013, Az Business also recognized Ms. 沃森被评为“亚利桑那州商界50位最具影响力的女性”之一.2012年,《伟德app下载》(Phoenix Business Journal)认出了她. Watson among the "Top 25 Women in Business," 2008年凤凰城都市区最具影响力人物之一,” and in 2004, 认为她是亚利桑那州一位有前途的领袖, with its “Forty Under 40” designation. Ms. Watson is also a two-time recipient of the Arizona Technology Council’s Chairman’s Award (2003 and 2010).

Ken Burns

Ken Burns


Ken Burns serves as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA), where he oversees teams responsible for financial incentive program administration, accounting, information technology, human resources and overall operations.

Prior to ACA, Mr. Burns served in a similar capacity for the Greater Phoenix Economic Council for more than seven years, where he was active on Finance, Audit, 资源发展委员会及其他策略规划委员会.

除了他的经济发展经验之外,他还曾担任过美国总统. Burns has served as an independent management consultant and with a regional CPA firm. His executive experience includes serving as Chief Operating Officer for two mid-sized law firms. 他还在这些公司的执行管理委员会任职.

In his earlier years, Mr. 伯恩斯在包括制造业在内的多个行业担任领导职务, 电信和建筑行业.

Mr. 伯恩斯目前任职于CDFI亚利桑那清算所顾问委员会,同时也是弗洛伦斯·克里坦顿财务委员会的志愿者.

Mr. 伯恩斯拥有工商管理学士学位, Mathematics and Computer Science from Wayne State College in Nebraska and an MBA from Arizona State University. Mr. 伯恩斯还完成了亚利桑那大学的基础经济发展课程,是一名注册会计师, licensed in Arizona.

Andy Lombard

Andy Lombard


Andy Lombard,他担任亚利桑那商业管理局创新和风险发展执行副总裁. Prior to joining the ACA full time, he was a Technical Advisor for entrepreneurship. 作为他对创业的热情的一部分. 伦巴第帮助制定了ACA价值300万美元的年度商业计划竞赛, the Arizona Innovation Challenge (AIC). Since its inception seven years ago, more than 1,200家科技创业公司参加了挑战赛, 这导致了大约2000万美元的投资, non-dilutive capital. He also created and has led Venture Ready, the ACA’s tech start-up mentoring program.

Prior to his work with the ACA, Mr. 隆巴德在摩托罗拉工作了14年,领导该公司的亚洲无线业务. During that time, 他晋升为摩托罗拉风险投资公司的董事, 他在6个国家的22个董事会任职期间,负责管理7.5亿美元的技术投资组合.

Following Motorola, 他加入了硅谷科技公司Adaptive Broadband, where he led strategy and mergers & acquisitions in a highly successful turnaround which saw the stock price increase to $205 from $6 in 24 months.
In 2000, he founded airBand Communications, 这是一家宽带无线初创企业,由Battery Ventures投资, Sevin Rosen Funds and Cisco, with $76 million in capital raised, 将公司的估值提高到4亿美元以上. Mr. 在他的职业生涯中,Lombard还创建了另外两家由风投支持的初创公司.

Mr. 伦巴第已经为他的工作赢得了几项认可和荣誉, including Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist; CEO of the Year – CEO World Awards 2014; Executive of the Year, Network Products Guide 2013; Selected by President George W. Bush to serve on the Presidential High-Tech CEO Forum; and Red Herring Top 10 Wireless Startups 2002 for airBand.

Mr. 伦巴德还自愿花大量时间指导企业家, community activities and is a volunteer National Ski Patrol for Brighton Ski Resort in Utah.

Mr. Lombard has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Missouri and a degree in Executive Management & Finance from Stanford University.

Shawn Neidorf

Shawn Neidorf
Senior Vice President, Research


肖恩在ACA管理着几个收集数据的研究团队, 编码和分析就业数据,并生产定制的研究产品,以支持ACA的业务吸引力和扩张努力, workforce development and marketing outreach. 她还指导亚利桑那州努力最大化机会区和机会基金在该州的积极影响. Previously, Shawn worked in public opinion polling at the Pew Research Center in Washington, D.C.作为一名报纸和杂志记者,最近在 The  Mercury News in San Jose, California. Shawn has a doctorate in economic and organizational sociology from the University of Illinois at Chicago, 她是在哪里专心研究调查方法的. 她还拥有UIC的社会学硕士学位和伊利诺伊大学香槟分校的新闻学学士学位.

Brian Sherman

Brian Sherman
Chief Innovation Officer


Brian Sherman serves as the Chief Innovation Officer of the Arizona Commerce Authority. 布莱恩以社会企业家的身份对待经济发展, startup evangelist and bureaucracy hacker. He believes human-inspired, market-leveraged, data-driven entrepreneurship can create a better world. 他的工作重点是公共部门战略, technology-based economic development, entrepreneurship, 早期资本形成和技术商业化, as well as 公共政策、战略和金融创新. 

Brian is a 20+ year public service veteran serving in executive positions at the Arizona Technology Council, Arizona State University, the Town of Gilbert, 亚利桑那州和亚利桑那州商务局的创始团队成员.

Brian has a Bachelor’s degree in Geography/Geographic Information Systems and an MBA from the W.P. 亚利桑那州立大学凯瑞商学院.

Marisa Walker

Marisa Walker
Senior Vice President, Infrastructure and Executive Director, Institute of Automated Mobility (IAM)


As Senior Vice President for Infrastructure, 玛丽莎·宝拉·沃克关注经济发展的交叉点, infrastructure and transportation innovation. Ms. 沃克代表ACA领导了几项倡议,包括:

自动移动研究所(IAM):一个公私合作的财团,专注于定义亚利桑那州和美国未来无所不在的自动交通所需的安全标准、科学和政策. IAM目前正致力于确定一种安全保证方法和具体的安全指标,以评估ads装备车辆的性能. IAM还包括一项无人机系统(UAS)计划, AZSkyTech, 促进一个强有力的战略伙伴关系生态系统,将亚利桑那州定位为最有利的研究地点, 测试和安全部署这些飞行器.

Ms. 沃克在亚利桑那大学开始了她的职业生涯, where for more than a decade she held positions that advised the University’s Associate Vice President for Economic Development on Arizona-Mexico and NAFTA issues; analyzed border economic development opportunities and competitive advantages; and organized forums and symposiums on trilateral collaborations among academic institutions in Canada and Mexico in the areas of university research parks, 农业生物科学与光学科学——光子学. She has authored several reports on subjects including cross-border economic integration and development; targeted industry assessments of Arizona’s Bioscience and Software Industries; and women entrepreneurship and business ownership in the state.

Ms. Walker also served as the Executive Director for the Arizona Governor’s CANAMEX Task Force where she was responsible for managing projects and priorities regarding transportation and telecommunication infrastructure; technology and process enhancements for cross border shipments; and international trade policy.

Keith Watkins

Keith Watkins


Keith Watkins,他担任亚利桑那商业管理局负责经济和农村发展的高级副总裁.  In this capacity, 基思在为ACA和州长办公室就农村经济发展问题和机会提供建议方面发挥着重要作用.  Under his leadership, ACA在创建和执行600多万美元的新农村投资赠款伟德app下载中发挥了直接作用, assisting more than 60 businesses expand or locate in Arizona’s rural communities, creating more than 6,000 jobs, 产生了5.42亿美元的私人资本投资.

Mr. Watkins also serves as Vice Chairman of the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA), 这是一个公共担保机构,它与亚利桑那州的社区合作,并公开监管水和废水处理公司, acquire and expand water-related projects.  With a bond portfolio of over $1 billion, WIFA是满足这些核心基础设施需求的重要融资机构.

在任职于Arizona Commerce Authority之前,他曾担任副总裁. Watkins was Vice President of JF Companies, 一家在美国西部拥有股份的私营多元化房地产开发和水资源公司.  Mr. 沃特金斯管理着价值近1亿美元的房地产投资组合,并负责房地产收购的谈判, entitlements, public affairs, marketing, and dispositions.

第三代亚利桑那本地人,毕业于亚利桑那大学,获得区域发展理学学士学位, Mr. 沃特金斯在经济发展方面的工作赢得了全国的声誉.  他拥有丰富的公共和私营经济发展经验, 曾在许多组织担任行政职务. 

Mr. Watkins spent nine successful years at the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC), 他在哪里领导了组织的高绩效的业务招聘工作, helping to land companies such as Vanguard, Charles Schwab, and Midwestern University.  Playing a direct role in the retention and recruitment of more than 200 firms, Mr. 沃特金斯的领导帮助产生了超过165个,000 new private sector direct jobs and more than $2 billion in private capital investment.  他也是大巴尔的摩经济联盟的创始人之一, 在那里,他被招募来启动这个新的公私合作伙伴关系,服务于巴尔的摩市和五个相邻的县. While there, Mr. Watkins developed and executed the first region-wide business retention and attraction enterprise, 在他任职期间,帮助招募了超过24名新雇主,并帮助保留了一家现有的通用汽车工厂.  他还曾担任Buckeye镇的经济发展总监,在那里他发起了机场总体规划,并积极推广该镇.

Mr. 沃特金斯还在许多董事会和委员会任职, 代表亚利桑那州商业管理局和亚利桑那州, including:

  • 水务基础设施金融管理局(WIFA)副主席
  • Maricopa County Economic Development Council, Member – this group advises the Maricopa County Government on economic development issues and opportunities
  • Rural Business Development Advisory Council, Board Member – this group advises the Arizona Commerce Authority on rural policy and issues
  • 亚利桑那州经济发展协会(aed)董事
  • 印第安人事务委员会,当然董事会成员
  • 大普雷斯科特区域经济伙伴关系,当然董事会成员

Mr. 沃特金斯和妻子丽莎住在亚利桑那州的斯科茨代尔.


Susan E. Marie

Susan E. Marie
Executive Vice President, Strategy


Susan is an experienced professional with a diverse skillset that includes strategy, marketing, communications, public relations, media planning, copywriting, social media, budget management and business development. Analytical and detail-oriented, she’s a critical thinker who transforms big ideas into actionable plans and timelines. Ms. Marie于2014年加入ACA,并担任目前的职位, she serves as the Executive Vice President, 亚利桑那州商务局(ACA)战略. 她曾担任高级副总裁,负责市场营销 & 与ACA沟通,并继续监督该部门. Prior to joining the ACA, she held various positions in Phoenix advertising agencies. Ms. 玛丽拥有亚利桑那州立大学政治学学士学位.